-In Game Time Extension for Livesplit

Follow this tutorial to install: (external link)

By Kohru

-In-Game Timer (Pre 1.7)!2tBkwSQQ!tm6I3bsdX65VcFhIgmE1tpWucIvfTgWIloc8JJi5OAY (external link)

By CBenniCBenni

-NinjaSnail's In-Game timer (All platforms)

In-Game timer application compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. And works on all game versions 1.0-Present. Also includes an RTA Timer (external link)

By NinjaSnail1080NinjaSnail1080

-tuxprint's In-game Timer (1.7+)

The timer supports both RTA and IGT; it's configurable and supports hotkeys, and also can be seen even if your game is full-screen. Cross platform (although v2 is missing some support for macOS) (external link)

By tuxprinttuxprint

Enchantment Cracker

Enchantment RNG Predictor (external link)

By EarthcomputerEarthcomputer

Minecraft Bingo

Bingo board generator for races. (external link)

By JoshimuzJoshimuz

RSG Co-op Spawn Finder

A tool to ensure a biome/biomes are close to spawn. By default the finder is set to find deserts or savannas. This tool is to be used for RSG Co-op only. Using this tool for solo RSG will invalidate the run. (direct download)

By GeosquareGeosquare


I edited the html of so that it reads input from an F3+C command instead. Instead of copying F3 coords, simply press F3+C to copy a teleport command into your paste buffer, then paste it into the input box. Note that this is a temporary hack solution, and I'll eventually make a standalone java application which will read from the paste buffer, requiring even less time to get the suggested and stronghold coordinates. (direct download)

By luckytyphlosionluckytyphlosion

[OUTDATED DO NOT USE] Minecraft In Game Timer (1.7+)

New In Game Timer, use this one. (direct download)

By GeosquareGeosquare

[OUTDATED, DO NOT USE] Minecraft In Game Timer (1.7+)

This timer works in versions 1.7+ and checks the most recently modified world regardless of when the world was initially created. If you find any bugs, please message me. (direct download)

By GeosquareGeosquare






Minecraft OLD launcher

Use the old launcher to fix the problems (mainly the sound one) when playing early versions of the game like 1.6.4. (external link)

By SpoonTySpoonTy