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So its 5 am and im bored so i decided to make this thread to share new strats for mine a chunk, for now I have just cam up with 3, use loot from the end cities and get op tools, use the strats from 1.14 to get tools from toolsmiths,and, use a tnt dupper to destroy the chunk, this would be used in rs and ss

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or you can just do /fill 16~-80~16 air

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you can just create a superflat world with all air


@KilleDragonKilleDragon, sorry to dissapoint you but that would be cheating since we can only do it on default terrain


yeah and also activating cheats (commands) is cheat, literaly
but ey xd
actualy it doesnt say in the rules lol


Idea, make a 16 block tall superflat world