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oh ok, thank you very much guys!

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Hey, I couldn't find the TAS runs on the Leaderboards, are they collected somewhere else or am I just blind?

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you cant upload tas runs to src

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Hey, are in-game sounds required to submit a run?

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How do I change mob cram by default as I keep finding wart jungles instead of bastions. It's a hassle to keep changing it before every run.


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I am an avid pre-1.9 enthusiast.
Recently, I have encountered a new type of tower called "portal tower".
Has there been a run with it? How do you get arrows with it? Is there an example that builds it?

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I set up the auto-reset mod through this video:

I wanted to double check that this setup is allowed, because it automatically resets the world without showing the inputs or world creation screen used to create it. One of the rules listed for speedrunning is:
If using a macro to create new worlds, we recommend a delay of at least 70ms between inputs to ensure all show up on video.
Does this rule counteract with the auto-reset mod, or is it fine to use it even though it doesn't show any of the world creation screen.

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Can I ask which mods should I use for 1.16.1 speedruns?
I have got once 1h 12min while knowing know strats just spawning near fortress and mined gold and now I started using pie chart (which has BTW just stopped working it's full green when on block entities no matter what - multiple days) and little bit of e ray and trained some one cycles but I still can't even leave the nether under 1h (cuz of terrible fortresses or no forts at all).
So I though I maybe could get some QoL or fps boost mods to speedrunning make little bit easier. I'm having just Vanilla and on 16 blocks render I usually have 30-60fps.
Any must have mods for mine situation?

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Here is a list of all allowed mods atm
And here is a tutorial on how to install them all

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I wanted to ask if other runners have been verified yet? I see that the leaderboard is a bit outdated at the SSG part where Pre 1.9 WR is now sub 3 instead of 3:26. In fact, it has been beaten 3 times in a row.

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Runs take time to verify wait around 8 years and they will be verified.

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is fast reset mod still banned?

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Is it okay to edit splash texts just for fun? or not scince it dosent affect the run?

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