Timer Mod

Over the past couple of months we have been working extensively with @RedLimeRedLime on a new timer mod that aims to cut down on retiming and provide runners with a more accurate time on their IGT. The use of this mod is strongly encouraged to reduce verification time and has many runner oriented features.

The mod contains many quality of life features for runners:

• Accurate IGT based on client side ticks to eliminate server / client desync.
• In-game layout / colour customisation.
• Live updating IGT.
• Built-in autosplitters for multiple categories (more categories to be added later).
• Support for 1.14+ (more versions to be added later).

Updated legal mod list:
A few non-Caffeine mods are also allowed
- For 1.14+: SpeedRunIGT, and noPeaceful.
- For 1.15+: FabricProxy-Lite, Krypton, LazyDFU, motioNO, Voyager, Fast Reset, Autoreset, DynamicFPS, extra-options, and Force Port (co-op).
- For 1.16+: Starlight.

and added relevant rule:
Runs which use the SpeedRunIGT mod will utilise those times primarily, with adjustments made in case some minor bugs are found, or in cases of time removal for significant in-game lag. Top RSG run retiming will also use the splits given by the mod to calculate final board time. You may use the option to only show 0-2 decimal places, but you must submit with the full 3 decimal places. Copy and pasting the text within "igt_timer.log" (in the saves folder for the PB) into your run submission description is encouraged.

Latest Release - SpeedRunIGT 2.11

All other mods listed in this changelog post can be found on https://www.minecraftspeedrunning.com/public-resources/mods