[Outdated] Set Seed Glitchless Text Guide (1.6.4)

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Route For Any% Set Seed Glitchless

Seed : -2242547518357798464

Run forward and collect 4 wood from the tree
Head to your right and dig one sand, block the water.
Mine the dirt and craft a crafting bench and 8 sticks
Craft a wooden pickaxe
Mine 3 stone, craft stone pick, mine 2 iron and 8 stone
Craft a furnace
Place furnace and put iron and wooden pickaxe in furnace
Block the water with dirt
Mine 1 coal
Place coal in furnace
Mine 4 stone and 4 iron
Place iron in furnace
Craft stone axe, stone sword, and boat
Dig gravel for flint (7 is ideal)
Get 5/6 iron from furnace
Craft bucket and sheers
Get remaining iron from furnace (if any)
Craft flint and steel
Shear sheep and collect 16 wool
Light pigs on fire with flint and steel and collect cooked porkchop
Collect 7 feathers
Head south to the hole and place wool and gravel, place water in correct position
Make a nether portal with the bucket
Enter the nether
Enter the nether fortress, placing gravel under your feet,
Continue to straight to blaze spawner
block the spawner up but still leave a hole to kill blazes (optional)
Collect 2 blaze rods
While collecting blaze rods, mine gravel to get 7 flint (optional)
Head back to the nether portal and go back to the overworld
Head south further down the beach, bordering the swamp
When you reach the edge of the water and there is only swamp, collect water in your bucket and place a boat
Head straight in the boat and crash it into the island directly in front of you (make sure to collect planks and sticks)
While running up the hill, collect leaves to about 64 (mine one layer on multiple trees)
Find a cave opening surrounded by yellow flowers, jump down
As you mine down, flint and steel for light (optional)
Enter the strong hold and go left.
You should find 2 chests with enderpearls
Open the wooden door that leads to the library
Go to the left corner of the room
Dig down and find a chest with your 4th ender pearl
Mine 3 string
Place down your crafting bench
Craft a bow, 28 arrows, and 5 beds, 4 blaze rods, and 4 eyes of ender
Head out the same door you came in, and go over the tunnel
Go right and you'll find the end portal
Place the 4 eyes of ender in the correct locations
Enter the End
Wait for the ender dragon to stop charging you
Pillar up with leaves (Ender dragon can't break leaves)
Pillar towards the main island
Don't aggro endermen
If you do, place a water bucket under your feet
shoot all the ender crystals
Wait for the ender dragon to charge you, and place a bed
Right click the bed before the ender dragon destroys it.
Kill the ender dragon with beds
Pillar up and jump into portal
Time stops when credits roll

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