Getting my setup ready
8 years ago
Drenthe, Netherlands

Hey all,

I have got some splits, I have got me OBS, and I configured everything.

Only problem is, I have just 1 monitor, and I would like to see and my splits and my game, I know how to set OBS up so that the stream can watch it, but I would like to see my own times.

Is that possible? Maybe running VC in windowed mode? It is the only thing holding me back from running this game at this point.

Thanks in advance!


Massachusetts, USA

Yes, I run the game in windowed mode all the time. I use 3D Analyze to force the game into windowed mode. You basically launch it, select gta-vc.exe, and then tick the checkbox that says "force windowed mode" and then run it and it should work.

I always have it in 1080p (main monitor's native res) and sometimes I have the splits over the game. I'm unsure about how this will work with other timers, but for WSplit there's an option to have it always on top of other windows, which includes your new forced game window. In that way you can have splits at the bottom and you'll be able to see them (and your mouse won't go over it when you're in-game like it would in GTA3 without a mouse jail).


Hey guys, sorry for commenting on this really old post. I just wanted to make sure: if I want to run this game and stream attempts, I can use 3D Analyze to force the game into windowed-mode? I mean, using that programm is legit for speedrunning and doesn't speed up the game? Thanks.

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