Trollyard instapass
8 years ago

I'm pretty sure phonecall would also work for failing the remaining instance. Doesn't look like it's saving a lot of time since CC conveniently leaves you near Film Studio, but it would definitely be useful for any% 7 assets :P


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No need to make a F3 replay, you are using taxi after all. Just set it up using F1 replay with something that's close to boatyard (rockets, grenades). In hundo you'd pass the rampage anyway, so the time of doing rampage should be subtracted. CC takes slightly less than 2 minutes. If you can route it properly, this might actually save some seconds.

Päijät-Häme, Finland

You can also use Paramedic to get rid of the remaining mission instance. Also confirmed it works on the japanese version too.

Massachusetts, USA

Or just dupe the mission if you have no ambulance and no phone call. That also seems to work.

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