Unhandled exception: c0000005 need some help!
1 year ago

At address: 00651f60 What should I do to get rid of the error?

East Riding of Yorkshire, England

This is "error reading simple file" error address.

Go into your documents and delete gta_vc.set and try to launch the game

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Thank you, it worked but i really don't like the japanese version. Japanese is really hard to understand. What I like about the Japanese version is the censorship.It replaces all of the pictures in Vercetti Estate with pictures of kittens and flowers :D , change cutscenes in the InterGlobal Studios missions. And what I like most is that when using a gun to shoot the NPC's head, the NPC does not lose its head unlike in the international version. Although I can also change the language to German or French, there will be no blood (Even more impractical), Can't attack NPCs lying on the ground and worse I can't do Rampage.

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