Any% - Multiplayer in 1h 04m 09s by LustNoelLustNoel, KooparyKoopary and LustNoel 2 - 1st place

Submitted by:
KooparyKoopary on
Played on:
Nintendo 3DS [KOR] on
Verified by
LustNoelLustNoel on


Name Duration Finished at
Enter Drablands 2m 18s 000ms 2m 18s
Forest Temple 4m 08s 000ms 6m 26s
Water Temple 6m 04s 000ms 12m 31s
Fire Temple 7m 29s 000ms 20m 00s
Ice Temple 8m 38s 000ms 28m 38s
The Lady's Lair 8m 18s 000ms 36m 56s
Desert Temple 6m 01s 000ms 42m 58s
Grim Temple 6m 24s 000ms 49m 23s
Sky Temple 10m 01s 000ms 59m 25s
Ceremony 4m 44s 000ms 1h 04m 09s
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