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I'm having trouble getting past 8-1 in super mario bros. Any strategies for me?

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What time are you aiming for? Any sections specifically causing you trouble?

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If you're new to running the game then I'd highly recommend not going for the pipe jumps. Since that's the hardest part of 8-1. Don't try to go all out like WR, just play cool. It's perfectly normal to go slow in any of the levels for a first PB. If you already have runs of it though then try to play it slightly faster in attempts over your PB.
That's my personal suggestion.

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i want to try to get a time under 10 mins


keep in mind im using a emulator


From what I know Emulator isn't slower than a NTSC NES. I'd suggest watching runs around the time of your goal (for instance watch a run that has a time of around 9:00 since your goal is under 10:00), and see how they play 8-1.

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Kosmic has some good tutorials on how to get a sub 5 speedrun. He goes through every strategy and gives ideas of how to sometimes "play it safe." I suggest watching this

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If you are going for a speedrun try playing 4-1 to get used to pipe jumps so they can seem easier in 8-1

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thanks for the video


If you just want sub-10 (or even sub-6 or sub-5:30 or sub-5:10 or even sub-5:05), then consider grabbing a fire flower so that you can kill all of the enemies in your way and not have to do pipe jumps.

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That's a good idea, thanks.


since you said sub 10 you could try playing it safe and go down the pipe in the level
or do periwinkle's idea

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Like periwinkle said, I would highly suggest doing your runs with a fire flower. It makes world 8 much easier and safer as you can take a hit and not die. 8-3 especially is made easier as you can just shoot the bros out of the way.

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Here is an example way you can beat 8-1 safely as small mario

And then I guess if you have fire flower you can do this stuff

I could probably find ways to make it even easier if I spent more time

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