4-2 Bottom Clip Inputs  
8-3 Bro Patterns  
8-3 bro patterns (from 4:58 to 5:10 pace)  
any% BASICS tutorial (by me)  
Any% Strategy  
Any% Video Tutorial  
Any% Video Tutorial by darbian  
Basic TAS tutorial for main version (Tool-assisted speedrun).  
Beginners method | Easiest way to complete your first run  
Bowser pattern spreadsheet for retiming  
Discord Channels  
Extra SMB1 Warpless Leaderboards  
Fireflower Warpless Guide/Patterns  
Flagpole Glitch PAL Version  
General Game Mechanics  
Gif Tutorial (large file sizes)  
Glitch & Technique Collection by mana (Japanese)  
Japanese Community Leaderboards  
Minus World Ending Strategy  
Physics Guide  
Setup Tutorial for new players (Emulator)  
Small Fire Warpless Framerule Patterns  
Smb1 Any% category tutorial for begginers (PART 3 AND PART 1 REMAKE IS OUT!!!!)  
Super Mario Bros. Tutorial (How To Beat Super Mario Bros. In Under 6 Mins.)  
Super Mario Bros. Tutorial: How To Beat The Game As Fire Mario Using Warps In Under 5:20  
Useful Glitches  
Warpless (Small Fire Mario) Tutorial  
Warpless (Small Mario) Video Tutorial  
Warpless Guide 3.0  
Warpless Notes  
Warpless RNG patterns  
Warpless Strategy  
Warpless Tutorial (Eddie/19:03 Route)  
World Record Progression  
[OUTDATED] 1-2 wall clip (also known as "1-20 blazit") setup + slowdown with input display and TAS view