4-2 Bottom Clip Inputs  
8-3 Bro Patterns  
8-3 bro patterns (from 4:58 to 5:10 pace)  
any% BASICS tutorial (by me)  
Any% Strategy  
Any% Video Tutorial  
Any% Video Tutorial by darbian  
Basic TAS tutorial for main version (Tool-assisted speedrun).  
Bowser pattern spreadsheet for retiming  
Discord Channels  
Extra SMB1 Warpless Leaderboards  
Fireflower Warpless Guide/Patterns  
General Game Mechanics  
Gif Tutorial (large file sizes)  
Glitch & Technique Collection by mana (Japanese)  
Japanese Community Leaderboards  
Minus World Ending Strategy  
Physics Guide  
Small Fire Warpless Framerule Patterns  
Super Mario Bros. Tutorial (How To Beat Super Mario Bros. In Under 6 Mins.)  
Super Mario Bros. Tutorial: How To Beat The Game As Fire Mario Using Warps In Under 5:20  
Useful Glitches  
Warpless (Small Fire Mario) Tutorial  
Warpless (Small Mario) Video Tutorial  
Warpless Guide 3.0  
Warpless Notes  
Warpless RNG patterns  
Warpless Strategy  
World Record Progression  
[OUTDATED] 1-2 wall clip (also known as "1-20 blazit") setup + slowdown with input display and TAS view