Heck no, don't necro
5 years ago
Colorado, USA

Please don't necro the forums.

If you don't know what that is, it's posting a response in a dead thread. If there are no responses in weeks, months, even years, just leave it alone unless there's a really good reason to do so. It clutters up the top of the forum with threads that aren't relevant anymore.

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Colorado, USA

Additionally, if you necro a thread and you provide no valuable input to make it worth bringing back up near the top of the threads, I'm deleting your comment. That sends it back into the abyss where it belongs.

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Requirements for High-Level Any% Runs

Any% (NTSC) runs below 4:57.000 must now fulfill additional requirements in order to be verified.

  • The run's full session must be included in the submission description.
  • For emulator runs below 4:57.000, some form of input display must be visible for the duration of the run. A hand-cam or input
5 days ago