***Click the View Rules button before posting threads***
2 years ago
Colorado, USA

Please click the View Rules button on the leaderboard FIRST before posting questions. Many times, your questions on what's allowed, timing methods and all that good stuff are there.

Threads asking questions that are already answered in the rules will be deleted.

Clicking the View Rules first is good practice for any game you wish to speedrun, not just SMB1.

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Ind‚Äčianapolis, IN, USA

Sorry my bad I didn't know it's literally my first time looking around for emulators that work on smb speedruns and are approvalable

Colorado, USA

No worries and this isn't pointed directly at anyone specific, I'm just trying to point people in the right direction to answer their own questions. We actually get a lot of the same questions pretty frequently and it kinda clutters everything. If something isn't answered, then by all means go ahead and post, but a lot of questions should be answered there and we keep it up to date when things change.

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Ind‚Äčianapolis, IN, USA

Ok thanks for the help

Washington, USA

yep i understand this

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Requirements for High-Level Any% Runs

Any% (NTSC) runs below 4:57.000 must now fulfill additional requirements in order to be verified.

  • The run's full session must be included in the submission description.
  • For emulator runs below 4:57.000, some form of input display must be visible for the duration of the run. A hand-cam or input
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