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automatic timer
automatic timer for FCEUX, don't use the x position tool during attempts (external link)
automatic timer - FCEUX lua script
This timer automatically starts on Frame 197 after booting up the game in FCEUX. Since it starts at frame 197, you must press start within the first 21-frame boundary the game loads levels on (basically as soon as you can). It will automatically stop after touching Bowser's axe in 8-4. (direct download)
good NES/FDS/SNES/GBA emulator, low input lag, very accurate emulation, FDS is resource heavy, select the QuickNES/Snes9x cores if the default runs too slowly, recommended if you can run it (external link)
good NES/FDS emulator, small input lag, very accurate emulation, can run slightly laggy (external link)
Livesplit Automatic Incrementer
Automatically increments any number inside [] brackets or () parenthesis whenever you split. Note: Changing your livesplit layout will cause it to increment by more than 1. You may need to restart livesplit in this case. (direct download)
Lunar IPS
tool to apply IPS patches to roms (external link)
good low resource NES/FDS emulator (external link)
RNG Scrambler
for FCEUX makes it so, you don't always have the same ''random'' patterns in savestate practice (external link)
screenshots for timing
(direct download)
Super Mario Bros livesplit plugin
Snaps your split times to the nearest framerule (0.35second interval) (external link)
Timing spreadsheet.
speadsheet used for timing runs using multiple starting times. (external link)
Flagpole Glitch (Everdrive N8)
Allows for practice of the Flagpole Glitch on Everdrive N8. (OS Ver. 13) (direct download)
Flagpole Glitch (PowerPak)
PowerPak savestate that can be used to practice executing the flagpole glitch clip. (direct download)
None yet
Flagpole Glitch + Framerule
Apply patch with Lunar IPS Explanation for points counter. If your world counter while leaving the underground is at 1-D, 1-E, 1-F, or 1-G, it will be possible to get the framerule. (direct download)
X Position Romhack
Use Lunar IPS to apply the patch. (direct download)
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