8-3 All Stars Any% bro patterns spreadsheet

Splits listed are: Miniland's 4:58.492, which splits after the black screen transition; JeremyMKW's 4:59.374, which splits before the black screen transition; AldynSpeedruns' 4:59.523, which splits after the black screen transition. Note: You will likely get inconsistent bro patterns if doing an inconsistent slowdown for the mushroom strategy, so take those patterns with a grain of salt. (external link)

By JeremyMKWJeremyMKW, MinilandMiniland

8-3 bro patterns (from 4:58 to 5:10 pace)

Every single hammer bro framerule starting from 4:58 all the way to 5:10. Great for players going for sub 5:10 and don't want to have hammer bros RNG anymore (external link)

By Lul_ecks_deeLul_ecks_dee

automatic timer

automatic timer for FCEUX, don't use the x position tool or framerule counter during attempts (external link)

By HubcappHubcapp

automatic timer - FCEUX lua script

This timer automatically starts on Frame 197 after booting up the game in FCEUX. Since it starts at frame 197, you must press start within the first 21-frame boundary the game loads levels on (basically as soon as you can). It will automatically stop after touching Bowser's axe in 8-4. (direct download)

By SaradocSaradoc


good NES/FDS/SNES/GBA emulator, low input lag, very accurate emulation, FDS is resource heavy, select the QuickNES/Snes9x cores if the default runs too slowly, recommended if you can run it (external link)

Bullet Bill Glitch Setups

List of all the known BBG setups for all the known framerules. (external link)

By zsjetu9zsjetu9


good NES/FDS emulator, small input lag, very accurate emulation, can run slightly laggy (external link)

Livesplit Automatic Incrementer

Automatically increments any number inside [] brackets or () parenthesis whenever you split. Note: Changing your livesplit layout will cause it to increment by more than 1. You may need to restart livesplit in this case. (direct download)

By DevilSquirrelDevilSquirrel

Livesplit to Discord Pace Alert

Hi, the creator of this introduced me to this thing where it lets your webhook send a message every time you are on pace! It is very customizable, so go use it lol. Instructions on how to use it: 1. Download the ZIP. 2. Unzip the stuff and then put all of the DLLs into the components folder. 3. Start livesplit and go to edit layout, then the plus sign and add "Pace Alert". 4. Double click "Pace Alert" after it is added, and a window will pop up telling you to add the webhook. Add it, but instead of "" in the link, make it "". The whole link should look like this:<shortnum>/<longstringofcharacters> 5. Click add notification and add the stuff. Remember to change the "-" dropdown to "+", and the level is the level you just completed, not the level you are currently on. The delay is the amount of time before the notification is sent, this can be used to undo your split if you missplit or something. 6. Save layout and you are done! (external link)

By SquareMan

Lunar IPS

tool to apply IPS patches to roms (external link)

By FusoyaFusoya


good low resource NES/FDS emulator (external link)

Overall SMB1 Leaderboard

This is a leaderboard that I am creating. Not everyone has been added yet since its all been done by hand. If you would like to be added to it or make an adjustment to your current score use the 2nd tab to submit. I hope this will help as an incentive for people to start playing more categories. (external link)

By RoyLGamer

RNG Scrambler

for FCEUX makes it so, you don't always have the same ''random'' patterns in savestate practice (external link)

By i_o_l

SMB1 Livesplit Framerule Plugin

The original link was broken so here's the file. This will round each split to .35 seconds. (direct download)

By SuperSonicSuperSonic

SPOILER: Optimized inputs for any% TAS (Main link is .fm3 format)

Don't watch it if you want to make your own TAS! It is only for people who only want to try to push game forward. Subpixel optimization everywhere without entertainment. .fm2 format: (external link)

By zdoroviy_antonyzdoroviy_antony, GasterStreamsGasterStreams

Timing Spreadsheet (New)

Used to easily time runs, specifically runs using the new starting freeze timer. (external link)

By BismuthBismuth

Timing spreadsheet.

speadsheet used for timing runs using multiple starting times. (external link)

By nickj109nickj109

updated screenshots for timing

Use for timing runs frame-accurately. Read the "how to use". (direct download)

By i_o_l

video splitter/trimmer

simple tool that allows you to trim/split a video by supplying a start time and end time. It essentially makes highlights for local recordings (external link)

By goofychocobogoofychocobo


8-4 IL Savestate for FCEUX

Savestate for 8-4 IL (direct download)

By RT_1RT_1


This is save state for SMB1 BBG Practice. (external link)

By xx_420_blazit_xxxx_420_blazit_xx

Flagpole Glitch (Everdrive N8)

Allows for practice of the Flagpole Glitch on Everdrive N8. (OS Ver. 13) (direct download)

By mav6771mav6771

Flagpole Glitch (PowerPak)

PowerPak savestate that can be used to practice executing the flagpole glitch clip. (direct download)

By darbiandarbian




Flagpole Glitch + Framerule

Apply patch with Lunar IPS Explanation for points counter. If your world counter while leaving the underground is at 1-D, 1-E, 1-F, or 1-G, it will be possible to get the framerule. (direct download)

By sockfolder

SMB1 + SMB2J Practice IPS Patch

Pellsson Practice ROM. Updated to link to the GitHub page to acquire the latest version. (external link)

By pellssonpellsson

SMB1 + SMB2J Practice Patch (w/ MWE Levels)

Pellsson Practice ROM modified by threecreepio to include SMB1 FDS Minus World levels. (external link)

By threecreepiothreecreepio, pellssonpellsson

X Position Romhack

Use Lunar IPS to apply the patch. (direct download)

By jeffXvX