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Following investigations regarding the accuracy and integrity of FCEUX, the SMB1/2J moderation team has decided that FCEUX will not be permitted for future submissions, effective September 17th, 2023. The accuracy of FCEUX has come into question following 108Pi's discovery that the current SMB1 Warpless TAS desyncs on Mesen and Bizhawk due to a lag frame that does not occur on FCEUX's default settings. While recent versions of FCEUX are more accurate when the "New PPU" setting is enabled, FCEUX is still questionable from an integrity standpoint due to a large number of faked submissions having been performed on it. In addition, SeraphmIII discovered that movie playback can be made nearly undetectable with a single one-byte edit made to the executable file. With this in mind, the SMB1/2J moderation team does not believe that FCEUX is up to the standards of other approved emulators and therefore we will no longer accept submissions performed on it going forward. Thank you for your understanding.

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Requirements for High-Level Any% Runs

Any% (NTSC) runs below 4:57.000 must now fulfill additional requirements in order to be verified.

  • The run's full session must be included in the submission description.
  • For emulator runs below 4:57.000, some form of input display must be visible for the duration of the run. A hand-cam or input
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