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It's a little early since 4:55 was just out...anyway, can human reach 4:54?

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Technically, yes. A 4:54 is possible without the "simultaneous left+right" that isn't possible on the original hardware, so a human theoretically achieve it. Here is a human theory TAS:

South Korea

Is it impossible without TAS?

Ohio, USA

It's possible, but undescribably difficult. WR contenders would have to do TAS FPG in 8-1 and TAS 4-2, both of which are ridiculous to save in a run on their own, let alone doing both of them and all the other glitches in a run. Doing both would save .7s in a run, and then .1 could be saved in 8-4 by doing fast accels. Again, this is extremely difficult, so while it's possible, it's not going to happen anytime soon.

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The "sum of bests" ever achieved by humans, from save-states or in runs or whatever, is 4:55.213.

That includes the fastest 8-4 ever....which is more than 10 frames (0.167 seconds) faster than it's been done in any recent record run.

And as mentioned above, that also includes a framerule in 8-1 that has only been done from a save-state, and only by something like 4 people.

So those only get you to 4:55.213. To go 4:54, you'd need a faster 4-2 to save another framerule (0.350 seconds), which hasn't ever (yet?) been done by a human.

In short, for 4:54:

  • Do all the tricks already being done.
  • Add 8-1 that's only been done from savestates and only by approx 4 people.
  • Add 4-2 that's never been done by a human in any way
  • Run 8-4 about 2-3 frames faster than any recent record run.

p.s. Edited to change 8-1 to 4 people based on next post.

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8-1 has been done by 5 people.

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South Korea

To grodney2000 interesting! thanks for answering :)

New Hampshire, USA

For now the time wr attempters are aiming at is around 4:55.6, but like what other's have said, it would not be easy. 8-1 framerule save is one of the only timesaves that could possibly get a human to 4:54. Let's not rush it though.

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8-1 has been done by 4 people hmm. who is this 4th person? ?

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stuckinaplate shadowphoenix kosmic warpedclip not aldyn

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is there a video of warpedclip doing this because no vid no did otherwise.

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he's going to upload soon it he said


I seen the other day he said he "saved the 8-1 framerule" but I'm not sure about that looking at his other videos..

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British Columbia, Canada

4-2 framerule using the new Happy Lee method seems totally possible/consistent. I got really close in practice. (wouldn't call it practice if I have a 5:05 though)

Happy Lee 4-2 framerule :

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New Hampshire, USA

Now we've found ourselves a way to the 4:54! :D 8-1 framerule save, and another 4-2 framerule save. But like I said before, let's not shoot for the late 4:54 as the first 4:55 was just done around a month ago.

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British Columbia, Canada

I left out the detail that "TAS 4-2" is by far the hardest trick in the game. when I said "consistent" it was more along the lines of: clip, warp, move onto the next world with frames of leeway. possible, but so difficult that it is not viable RTA (fast accel isn't even viable yet)

@Mars02 TBH 4:54 is a while down the line. unless someone finds a different way to clip into something, we might not see it for a while

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