4-2 375 (argggggggg)
3 years ago
United States

I’m trying like hell here to wrong warp at 375, but the best I can get is 374. I’m going the 3 bump method, the easy one, without the elevator platform bump. I’ve seen many people do this 3 bump method and get in the pipe at 375. Is there something I’m Missing??? I’ve watched kosmics tutorial and still can’t get it.

Any help would be great. Thanks!

United States

Are you making sure to land relatively soon-ish after doing each bump? You can't regain running speed until you touch the ground, so if you're doing max jumps for each of those bumps then that's probably where you're losing most of your time.

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Pennsylvania, USA

Just do blazit

Pennsylvania, USA

honestly, just do elevator bump. the """easy""" 375 3 bump method is very misleading--yeah, you don't need to do elevator bump, but you both get way less xpos from the bumps, which means the pipe entry is a lot tighter, and it's actually really hard to get 375.

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Flevoland, Netherlands

getting 375 without elevator bump is pretty dang hard

Dolnośląskie, Poland

In my PB (4:57.627) I used a 374 method that often (95%) gives you 375, and it's really easy to execute and practice, check it out.

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Thanks @darG I just got my first 375 wrong warp with your method! I dont know why I always dreaded that first downwards bump, but now it doesnt seem to bad.

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