xbox live game bar recording
4 years ago
Flevoland, Netherlands

Recently i got a pb of 5:14 with an xbox live game bar recording. It got accepted but i wonder. Is it enaugh proof to accept as well if it is sub 5? I cant use other programs (for example OBS) because it gives me more lagg and the xbox live game bar only records the game. Not the whole monitor. Is there a way to let xbox live game bar record ur whole monitor? thanks.

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Oklahoma, USA

What's more important than how you record the run is what emulator or console you played the run on - in your case Nestopia. However, once your time gets lower (5:00 to sub-5:00 range) you may need to provide additional documentation as requested, such as

  1. Entire attempt session(s), rather than just the run itself
  2. Your splits file
  3. An input file from your emulator
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Nearly all of my runs were recorded with the Xbox game bar, so In general It's definitely fine. But as Darpey said, you might need to add more proof to further back up the validity of your run in certain cases.

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