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Is there a website similar to where I can calculate my SoB? if not could someone maybe calculate it for me? Here are my level times. 1-1 FPG 1-2G 4-1 FPG Fast 4-2 Pl8-1 nothing in 8-2 8-3 FPG 44.676 8-4

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Saarland, Germany

Assuming your best 8-2 Full Level is simply just Blant, your SOB is 4:56.112. If it has BBG, it's 4:55.413.

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Basque Country

i would be suprissed if he had FPG in the 4 levels with one with even pl8-1 but no BBG in 8-2 lol

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i just never decided to do BBG because i thought the other stuff was cooler. also my pl8-1 was done at the end of attempts from before the stairs and just happened to get lucky.

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North Korea

Yo can you calculate mine?

1-1 FPG Full Level 1-C Sockfolder (very sadge) 346 1-2 Fast 4-2 Good Judges 200 8-1 8-2 w/ normal blant & bbg 342 8-3 44.743 8-4 IL

California, USA

It would be 4:57.227

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New York City, NY, USA

here's a formula: (15237 + f - 21r)/60.098813897441 seconds (round to nearest thousandth) f = frames in 8-4 IL pb r = framerules saved over normal 4:58 pace

1-1 fpg = +1 r 1-2G = +1 r 4-1 fpg = +1 r 4-2 blazit or fast 4-2 = +1 r lightning 4-2 = +2 r (+1 over blazit) pl8-1 = +1 r bbg = +2 r tas 8-2 = +3 r (+1 over bbg) 8-3 fpg = +1 r also make sure you're matching the normal 4:58 framerule in 4-2 and 8-1 because those are the hardest to tell (you can use seraphmiii's framerule calculator and the pellsson practice rom to be sure), all the others you should be fine if you just go fast. -1 r for every framerule lost from normal 4:58 pace.

or just use pellsson practice rom and go from the right 8-4 starting framerule and retime with

for example: my SoB has 1-1 fpg, 4-1 fpg, bbg, and 8-3 fpg. my 8-4 time is 44.676. if you aren't sure the frame count of your 8-4 time, multiply the time by 60.098813897441 and round to the nearest whole number. 44.676 x 60.098813897441 is approximately 2685. so the expression for me would be (15237 + 2685 - (21 x 5))/60.098813897441 which is approximately 296.461578. and sure enough, my sum of best is 4:56.462.

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What are the strats for the normal 4:58 pace? My sob is 4:59 something and I’m not sure what I’m missing.

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380 underground 1-1 1-2 w/ pipe jumps standard 4-1 375 or 374 into warpzone 4-2 all pipe jumps 8-1 good blant 8-2 standard 8-3 w/ 342 on timer 8-4: 1st room no accel 2 frame forwards wall jump dont look like an idiot while doing turnaround have time so you can scrape a little in water just dont get low powdaboo.

if you didnt understand that, you should watch this

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Thank you! Yes, i understood what you said and i know kosmic’s video. I did all that and my sob is 4:59.11. Maybe i’m losing something in 8-4, i’m not sure, my pb is 47.94 with 313 on the timer. Thanks again!

maybe bad judges in 8-1

New York City, NY, USA

you do not need forwards walljump for 4:58

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