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Kansas, USA

I kind of want a regular 1-1 speedrun category, but I guess it can't be improvised any more than it already is. But still, it could be fun to speedrun it anyways.

Maryland, USA

You realize that most of the runs are going to be tied because of frame rules, plus that almost every runner in the world is going to do this category. The moderators are going to be overworked as hundreds of runs are going to be submitted to this arbitrary category. We’ve already talked about this countless times and all of the times we’ve said no.

Kansas, USA

That makes sense.

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Kansas, USA

That makes sense.

United States

But, it would be fun to do something with 1-1, because it’s such a famous level. Maybe something like you have to destroy every single enemy in the level? That’s different.

Or maybe you can’t sprint at all so u have to defeat it that way

A third idea is you have to hit every single ? block in the level.

All 3 of these levels are just for 1-1, just some ideas I want to throw out there. These would be fun category extensions tho

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Pennsylvania, USA

we already have 1-1 as fire mario, we don't need anymore 1-1 category extensions.

United States

They would be really fun to do though...

Andalusia, Spain

Make a server with your own leaderboards then, I just think there's enough categories as is and adding more would just be a waste of time


Creating a category that maxes it’s optimizations immediately is pointless

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Utah, USA

a cool idea i think is 1-1 as star mario. kinda like 1-1 as fire mario but you have to collect the star in the middle of the level. Thats just my idea though.

South Carolina, USA

1-1 as Star Mario is already an unofficial category that I and several other runners have ran. You can find the leaderboards for that unofficial category and others here:

1-1 IL (if framerules were ignored by timing method) would actually be a better IL than most other ILs, because of 3 fast accel opportunities and underground is hard to do perfectly. A perfect run of 1-1 would involve double fast accel in first room, precise subspeed manipulation + another fast accel in underground, and RTA Rules TAS FPG at the end. Perfect first room and fpg is extremely hard but definitely doable, but I don't see perfect underground happening anytime soon since the input combination is similar to that of 8-B first room in 8-4 IL.

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Pennsylvania, USA

If you're ignoring framerules as a timing method, then wouldn't fpg be slower?

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Pennsylvania, USA

if timing ends when touching the flag, yes. if timing ends when mario enters the castle, no.

Basque Country

anyways why the people always say this with 1-1 like, 1-1 is not more interesting to play than 8-2 for example you know idk why there is so many persons that just want an IL of 1-1 as if it was that special for an IL

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like I said before it’s pointless

Colorado, USA

We're not adding any ILs back aside from the two that currently exist on the CE leaderboard.

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