I do not stream, but I wish to submit an any% run, would this be possible with the appropriate splits?
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I do not stream, but I wish to submit an any% run, would this be possible with the appropriate splits?

Please do let me know, my run is under 5 mins, but not anywhere near WR range. Thanks

Andalusia, Spain

depends on how it was filmed, like if it was taven-cam, with handcam / input display, sound etc etc

Oklahoma, USA

Just from what I can see from this post, without giving you a list... there are numerous red flags which would point to your run being faked in some manner.

A sub-5 minute run is a major accomplishment, which typically requires at least months of daily grinding.

Just know the mods will view this run with a high level of scrutiny.

Additionally, to copy/paste straight from the Category rules:

"Times below 5:00.00 are treated with suspicion. It is highly recommended that you stream all of your attempts and provide split files to have your run accepted."

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Madrid, Spain

its recomended to stream your attempts. For my 4:59 run. I did offline attempts since i didn't have a capture card at the moment. I decided to use another camera that i had to record my controller during the sesions. So if you have enough evidece that proves your run to be legitimate as having a history of pb and being grinding for several months you should be fine. If the run doesn't get verified dont get extremly dissapointed and see what can you do to get a run verified.

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If you are trusted, which you may not be going off of Darpeys points, then sure, do offline runs. Streaming runs is recommended but not necessary at all. Literally all of my PBs throughout my years in SMB were offline because I dont like streaming lol. Keep in mind though, if the run has even ONE red flag and it was streamed offline, then the mods have full authority to decline it.

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Utah, USA

@MemeYoda i use my laptop to time myself and during the run i do the splits and at the end i show the time and the splits.

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