is there any way for me to submit a decent quality run??
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is there any way for me to submit a decent quality run??
New Brunswick, Canada

id like to start taking speedrunning seriously,but dont have a capture card.I have all the software (computer,game,console,etc.)If you know how please let me know Thanks!



So u basically wanna screen record right?


I had this issue back then, i have a capture card but capture cards aren’t so useful to me :( I downloaded nestopia emulator in my laptop and I play and record there… In SNES I play in Snes9x…

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U can screen record unless you have a tv in which you can record, or you can buy capture cards or you can just point up your camera to your tv… I just put my camera in front of my tv and recorded, but you get a bad audio and a bad quality video which is very annoying and unsatisfying :(

New Brunswick, Canada

Thanks! im probably just gonna play on emu,thanks for leting me know!

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