Is the 4-1 pipe worth it?
4 years ago

I checked the maps of each stage for the Any% category. The 1-1 pipe is worth it, the 1-2, 8-1 and 8-2 ones are not worth it, 8-3 has no pipes and 4-2 and 8-4 have the wrong wrap. But 4-1's entrance pipe does not seem to be too close to the exit pipe. Is it worth using or does it lose time?

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He/Him, They/Them
4 years ago

im pretty sure it loses time because of the pipe entry and exit animations, though you can get 341 by taking the pipe

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New Hampshire, USA

Taking the 4-1 pipe loses time. So it's not worth it unless you wanna stock up on lives by collecting as many coins as possible.

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Ok, it seems that it loses time. I guess only Warpless can make better use of the pipes.

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Flevoland, Netherlands

Wasn't it obvious though? If it was worth it people would actually do it in runs

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Ohio, USA

The only pipe worth taking to move through a level faster in the any% category is the pipe in 1-1. I forget how much time is lost due to pipe transitions but it's pretty considerable; I want to say it is something like 6 seconds lost per transition.

Ohio, USA

I don't count the pipes in 8-4 as time savers (with the exception of the wrong warp pipe) because they are required in order to traverse the level normally.

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Maryland, USA

So it’s like a maze?

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