Alternative 8-4 walljump(s)
5 years ago

First method: This one uses the same location as the normal walljump, but has an easier way to get to the walljump pixel. Instead of dropping down after the pipe and jumping from the ground, you du a full jump from the edge of the pipe (last possible pixel I think). This works with 2 frame and 1 frame setup and is as fast as the regular setup (even a bit faster for me because I walk less on the pipe using this, but that may be just me doing something slightly different)

Second method (not as fast): As above, but do a full jump slightly earlier than in the first method. You will hit the walljump pixel below the usual one. This one is more difficult to do (no precise indication when to jump) and usually not as fast. I also don't know if it works with the 1 frame setup, so this is only useful if you are not going for anything super fast and find this setup easier than any other one.

These are most likely already known, but I could not find them here. Does someone know if the first one is really as fast as the normal method (using 1 frame setup on both)?

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i've seen them before

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Ooh, I like this method Confirmed it works, not just for 1 frame setup, but also for backward walljump (you can even get the fastest 8-5 to 8-4 SeemsGood ) Will be sure to do this in my next PB (so long as I remember to pracc this boi)

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Fun Fact: back when i first speedrunned mario when i was practicing the walljump room and when the pirahna plant was there, i tried doing the first weird walljump method you showed but with the piranha plant there lol (and yes i did successfully do it, i even did a backwards one once)

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(1) I'm not sure 9 days qualifies as a necro - especially as inactive as the forums have been lately - it's possible you haven't even checked the forums at all in 9 days, in which case the posts you would be replying to would be "necro"

(2) What good does posting "necro alert" do? You're working against your own cause of decluttering the forums - unless you're trying to shame people out of cluttering I guess? But <3 Aldyn

(3) I haven't seen this method, but if it's possible to do consistently, it looks pretty cool, would be tempting to try :)

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The first method theoretically should always be as consistent or more consistent than the normal method.

Start by trying to jump on the last possible frame. Never risk jumping early. If you get the jump, you will hit the walljump pixel. If you don't get it, you fall off the pipe and can do the normal walljump. So if you never get the jump, you still have the consistency of the normal method. But if you get it sometimes, some attempts don't rely on the chance of the normal jump working, which increases the consistency (unless you already are at 100%). The only way you are screwed is if you jump too early, so don't do that. In that case, you could try to do a almost-full jump and try to hit the bottom walljump pixel if you are crazy, but that will lose time.

To confirm this really works (at least for me), I did 100 walljump attempts (2 frame setup) with each method:

  • only normal method: 42/100
  • only my new method: 38/100
  • both combined: 53/100 (11% improvement over the normal method)

I am bad at frame-perfect tricks (as you can tell by my username), so getting a second chance probably helps me more than most other people. But since this walljump is so far into the run, any bit of consistency could be important here.

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