When Niftski gets WR
3 years ago
United States

You guys gotta admit that when Niftski gets WR, and he is like, "LETS GO!!!" and starts clapping, it cures depression. You can't help but smile and do the same thing. What do you guys think?

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true he is a Beast at this Game respect for the dedication and time i mean damn i started speedrunning because of guys like him that keep always pushing never letting themselves down etc i thought speedrunning is magic haha but one day i was like yeah give it as try and it is awesome to see results and the hard practicing paying off thats inspiration right there for real mad respect dude he deserves it!

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

The reactions of the runners is probably 50% of the reason why I love watching and following speedruns. The top guys are so dedicated, it is insane. I would have lost my cool so much sooner and faster. Controllers/keyboards would have been broken, games deleted, salty tears of unfairness would have been flowing wildly. My heart would have given out, etc etc. All the props and kudos to these guys. One notable mention is Jay_cee his speedrun records on Castlevania, the man goes wild and rightly so.

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New York, USA

Niftski's reactions are gold

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sometimes his reactions just give me chills,he is an amazing speedrunner, and he seems to be a really nice person too.

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United States

Yah totally true

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United States

My favorites were his lightning 4-2 reaction and his 4:54 reaction.

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Flevoland, Netherlands

his .430 reaction is my all time favourite when he drowns in 2nd quest lmao

United States

LoL ikr

United States

Niftski is the Npesta of smb1 and I love it

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North Carolina, USA

his lightning 4-2 reaction was super loud

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niftski is a pretty epic gamer

Iowa, USA

I'm sorry but nobody will beat Darbian popoffs 😳

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