Possible 1-2 warp zone time save normal entry
4 years ago

I am playing smb1 on an online emulator, And I think that I maybe found a possible time save in the warp zone of 1-2, I fell on the first pipe accidentally and than wall jumped off of it, Reaching the last pipe and top speed faster than I usually do, And faster than the current strategy used in smb1 speed running with normal entry, I really don't know if it helps but I think that it has a potential to save some time.

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New Brunswick, Canada

huh, i dont know a whole lot about any% because i do 1-1 as fire mario but it might be faster

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I am was only saying the online emulator part because i wanted to clarify that it might only be an emulator bug but i really think its not and the "setup" i used was jump two backwards medium jumps and than jump forwards twice and you will fall straight to the correct pixel so you will just have to jump and you will be fast accelerated and be at the second pipe

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United States

I don't quite understand the setup here...a video would help.

In any case, you'd need to enter the pipe with a 347 on the clock to save a framerule over the normal method of going over the top.

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Flevoland, Netherlands

Could u please send a video of it?

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I am not a skilled player at smb1 so i dont think i will be able to reproduce the trick in any time soon but i did found out that it works in 4-2 warp zone and that is is all speedruns

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Flevoland, Netherlands

Take your time getting it, but if u think it might save time it would be great if u can try to do it on rec

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