Do you have to wait on a title screen to get easy 8-2?
1 month ago

I had recently watched video "the absurd history of level 8-2" from Kosmic, where he explains how runners can wait on the title screen to get easier 8-2, but they need to wait 40 seconds or something, so it's not viable. My question is, can runner boot multiple emulators with some time inbetween them, for example - 10 seconds. and then automate the process of reseting emulators individually if there was no input for more than 40 seconds. now, if the runner resets, it redirects him to the emulator that had already run for at least 30 seconds, so the runner has to wait 10 seconds max. obviously we can change 10 seconds to 1 second, that means the PC has to run 40 emulators, but its the same situation. Will this be considered Tool Assistant, since the process of reseting emulators is automated, or is it fine, since there is no automation regarding gameplay?

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So you want to have several emulators running all of which have been running for 39 seconds and then when you reset you want to switch to one of the other emulators that are running and start from there? That seems more complicated than it has to be. honestly the inputs for the plant despawn blant and the normal blant aren't that different since you still have to slow down to not bonk on the pipe.

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