Audio is now required for all submissions
3 years ago
Colorado, USA

Game audio is now required for all submissions. No exceptions. If we can't hear the game audio, your run will be rejected.

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Basque Country

Okey, I doesnt have problems with it, but just want to know if there is any reason for that lol This maybe can affect to the people that cant record easily with audio True that is more entretaining with audio, but reject it because of that… oof f

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No audio = more chances of run being sketchy

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Wasn't this rule already in place?

Toronto, ON, Canada

It's a great rule, but wasn't this rule already being enforced, but does everyone have a competent enough recording software to preserve audio?

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United States

The rule before basically was "we will accept it if we know the person is trustworthy". However, there have been quite a few submissions without audio iirc

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Maryland, USA

Especially when one can have a “spliced” run when their heart rate is 89 bpm. Or even a staggering 95.

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Utah, USA

Me who now needs a legit way to record This is fine

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Colorado, USA

We've had an increase in "oops, no audio" lately and it's time we explicitly implemented that, consistently across the board. This shouldn't be a problem for the majority of you, especially those running on emulator. For those of you using software that's not capturing the audio, I'd recommend using a product that does. I generally recommend using OBS, even if you don't stream because you can local record rather easily with it.

This helps with legitimacy, not "entertainment." I've verified over 1700 runs, I don't think the game audio entertains me anymore.

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Basque Country

Okey, undestable :) Betwen, is not a bit sad to say "I don't think the game audio entertains me anymore"? f



Roopert is trying to make a valid point and statement and you go around saying f..., oof and seems like paying no attention to the topic on hand. Also I am aware your English skills aren't the best but I would highly reccomend you to stop making everything seem like sarcasm. I don't have any power against you but it would be nice for you to stop.

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Does the audio have to be loud enough or it can be low? I'm having trouble with this since I got my new laptop and I still can't record with OBS (unless you want some 10 fps gameplay).

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Colorado, USA

@WolfAttacK I looked at your most recent run (5-4) and that was okay. As long as it's loud enough for us to be able to hear it, you should be fine.

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Ontario, Canada

Lucky me. I just submitted a run last week where I didn't realize the audio wasn't working. Obs and the Dazzle don't get along, it won't let me record Audio from the Dazzle. Luckily I have a snowball that I can put beside the speaker to catch me, and the in game audio. I was actually quite concerned my run was going to get rejected cause of that. Thankfully I just set a new PB last night

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Colorado, USA

I've had a Dazzle for 7 years, so if you have questions about that, I can likely help you. The best way to capture the game audio is use Amarec 3.10 and then feed that into OBS.

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United Kingdom

Sorry if this counts as a necro, but does there have to be audio continuously through the entire run? I occasionally have to mute my mic if people come in to my room during a run, and it would be annoying if 10-20 seconds of no audio invalidated the whole run.

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Oklahoma, USA

Just do your best to record audio the most you can. If you have to mute mic that happens. By that I'm assuming you are only recording smb audio through your mic.

You need audio for the run to be valid. Every deviation and irregularity just makes the run more suspicious and we might require additional things from the runner before verifying - like full session, splits file, etc... And if there's not enough information provided from a run that has oddities then it may be rejected.

I'd keep the full session recording and splits file from that pb until it's verified just in case.

United States

I agree with this ruling, but think a modification would be good. If a person records with a camera pointed at a TV, that should be sufficient evidence to prove a run true. It makes it a bit harder for people who a. don’t have a capture card, or b. have a noisy environment around them when running. Edit - That’s fair. Thanks for clearing that up

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@Lugia2468 So long as they can hear the audio turn up TV sound or something Keepo "As long as it's loud enough for us to be able to hear it, you should be fine." -yes roopert83

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Alabama, USA

damn, i've had all stars runs barely accepted because i'd have "the office" running on my other TV, just watching it while running all stars on my other TV, and they had to be taken down off of youtube because of copyright

(They're back up tho, with no audio, but I had the files to prove)

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