Contractor% categories removed
4 years ago

Hello everyone,

Contractor% solo and co-op categories have now been officially removed from the leaderboards. On the behalf of the moderation team, I'd like to apologize for the time it took to come to that final decision and to apply it. It was a tough decision, but unfortunately the only possible outcome to Payday 2's support starting again.

There are two main reasons that led us to the removal of contractor runs:

  • Obviously, with new maps being added, some subcategories became and may have become obsolete in the future. This is why Locke% and all contractors had temporarily been pulled out prior to this post already.
  • New updates also bring new bug fixes. The original plan for contractor% was for it to be run on the same latest/final version of the game, to have every player stand equal and avoid having to resort to downpatching. However Overkill fixed some glitches that were used in formerly approved runs - in particular PBSH - and we could not reasonably delete those runs (as we'd have to reset boards each update to remain coherent), neither add versioning to that category like in ILs (since downpatching would be required and that would defeat the whole purpose of the category).

Please note that this decision also applies to console runs. PS4 and Xbox One support still is going "strong" with a new update having been released no later than yesterday. And while PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch support were officially halted, there never were any active runners to play on those platforms including in ILs.

I hope you're not too disappointed in that decision. In any case, remember that speedrunning is done for fun first and foremost, and that nothing prevents you from doing contractor runs for the sake of challenging yourself. SRC only aggregates categories, but ultimately those who create them are the players themselves.

Have all a nice day.

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