speedruning on macos
1 month ago

how do you speedrun on mac?

i don't know if anybody actually uses macs for speedrunning, i hope windows wasn't that popular and then people without windows could speedrun on unix-based systems/linux and macos :( (and yes i know i can use bootstrap but i just hate windows because how simple it is to program on unix-based systems/linux/macos)

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If you want to speedrun on Mac you could use the Wii emulator Dolphin. I run it on a mac laptop and it runs fine, so as long as the mac isn't crazy old I doubt you would have lag issue. If you're looking for more specific answers you're probably best off asking in the discord, it's way more active than these forums.

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yeah i just remember that somewhere in rules update they stated;

the only allowed emulator is Project64 1.6 with no macros and etc

it was somewhat like, but still thanks!

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I'd recommend checking the rules again, we allow Dolphin alongside PJ64 1.6/1.7. It doesn't matter whether you run on a Mac or not, the word "macros" refers to controller inputs like to create a tas, maybe that's where the confusion came from? But yeah 1.6 isn't recommended to be used, Dolphin is generally the way to go as long as you've got it configured properly. (The emulation rules go over that)

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