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Glitch Database
Database for various tricks and techniques, including videos and savestates for each of them. Also includes a software package for emulator usage, and savestates for various speedrun categories. (external link)
Ocarina of Time Discord
Discord server for the Ocarina of Time speedrunning community. (external link)
OoT Practice Codes for VC
A collection of gecko codes made specifically for efficient practice on Virtual Console. (external link)
OoT Practice ROM/Codes for N64
An OoT hack for efficient practice on N64. (external link)
Project 64 1.7
Most accurate emulator for Ocarina Of Time Speedruns. (external link)
SpeedRunsLive Bingo
5x5 bingo board of randomly generated goals and items in the game. Pick whatever row you like, and complete each goal in that row! Used for SpeedRunsLive racing. (external link)
SpeedRunsLive Restriction Generator
A tool that randomly generates goals in the game under randomly generated restrictions. Used for SpeedRunsLive restriction races. (external link)
RacingChu's Save States
A collection of save states for each map, and for some categories. (external link)
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