Some Any% questions
1 month ago
Washington, USA

Hey, looking at running any% but had 2 questions. What is the bpm I should be counting in when routing back to the Babas and secondly is there a way for me to get the angle measures to show on the bottom of the screen when running on EMU or is it a WiiVC exclusive thing.

All help is appreciated, thank you in advance.

United States

145 BPM.

The angle watches onscreen are a feature of the practice rom, aka gz, which can be used on emulator. If you're using Dolphin (which you should be for any%), you can patch gz onto the Wii Virtual Console version and open that with Dolphin. Here's a link to the practice rom website:

If you need help with anything else I'd recommend asking in the OoT speedrunning discord, as we have many more people active in there who are able to answer questions.

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