Important Update Regarding Emulator Submissions
5 years ago
New York, USA

Due to issues with enforcing the already existing emulator rules for top times, we are going to revise how we handle emulator runs.

Effective immediately, all emu times that are within 10% of the existing record will not be allowed on the leaderboards. In addition, emulator runs WILL be shown by default. No need to toggle them manually anymore.

This rule is being implemented because we want to make sure new players can use emulator to learn the game and be a part of the leaderboards. But we also want to ensure high level submissions occur on a fair and competitive platform, and emulator does not provide that. So as players who want to use the leaderboards improve beyond a certain point, console gameplay should become their focus.

To give an idea of what the 10% restriction looks like given the current records, emulator runs can’t be submitted with times better than these:

Any%: 18:52 100%: 4:35:48 No IM/WW: 1:23:36 AD: 1:28:40 MST: 2:06:18 Bug Limit: 3:42:27 Glitchless: 4:05:00 100% Glitchless: 6:21:05 No WW: 47:42 Ganonless: 35:30

These cutoffs are dynamic and change as records improve. These are just the cutoffs at the time of implementing this rule. The few existing submissions that are faster than the cutoffs will be removed. As records improve and the cutoff shifts with them, these removed runs can be resubmitted.

All of the remaining misc categories are being moved to the category extensions board, where the new emu rules DO NOT apply. Glitchless 100% was moved to the glitchless tab. The decision to move certain misc categories was discussed by SRC and ZSR mods. The decision was made purely based on activity. If a moved category gains activity in the future it can be moved back.

Thank you,

  • OoT SRC and ZSR mod team
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