If you guys need a new moderator
5 years ago

I loved this game on its release back then and never got tired of playing it. I'm back playing it and I'm currently running this game almost everyday, so I will be posting runs as soon as I get a satisfying time. I'm used to moderating games in Speedrun.com, so it would be a pleasure to moderate this game.

I would love to help the forum. if you guys think it would be good to have more than one mod =)


Kilkenny, Ireland

Well f1 is the only mod of this game. He hasn't been active here since I've been. Idk how you can become a mod for the game without f1 active but I'd be fine with that

You'll probably be posting runs before I am. I'm busy with college right now and my disc isn't currently working so I'm gonna have to get a new one. I probably won't be playing until the summer but I look forward to seeing your runs. Make sure to use the strats that I've posted on the forums. And watch StarFalco's runs for some extra strats you might not have known about

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Yeah. I have no problem in f1 not being around on the forum, as he seems to be around in speedrun.com at least once or twice every week. So the important is that he gets notified of new runs if they are submitted. The bad thing in the site is having a inactive mod for weeks or so, which is not the case.

Thanks for the support ^^

I've read all your strat guides, and watched Falco's runs as well =)

I look forward for your runs too. I hope you can fix your disc and get some free time.


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