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1 year ago
Kilkenny, Ireland

Yesterday, Paul and I came up with strats for Femme Fatale & Return Home

The new Femme Fatale strat which I came up with can be seen in the video below

What you need to do is use Wolverine's regular attacks to reduce Wink's shield so that you put her in danger where you can use the finisher on her, before she has a chance to do any of her teleport cycles where she teleports up onto the platform. This saves a lot of time, at least a minute

Wink can only begin her cycles after taking a certain amount of damage. You want to avoid using super attacks or any attacks that launch Wink which will cause her to take damage to her overall health so you need to repeat the first 2 hits of Wolverine's normal attacks and only using his supers when she's blocking your regular attacks to break through her block

The new Return Home strat, which Paul came up with, features a glitch that I've known about for years but only happened to me once or twice and I could never figure out how to replicate it. The glitch occurs after destroying the first Turlin engine which will result in the mission finishing without needing to destroy the 2nd Turlin engine.

The strat starts with you needing to remove the armour from the orb by performing 5 standing projectile attacks from the very beginning of the mission. This can be done as long as you don't move at the start of the mission, and is a glitch I figured out a while ago but wasn't a fast way to complete the mission normally. Then, fly over to the orb and perform a flying attack to remove the armour without destroying the orb. And then to trigger the glitch, you need to fly a certain distance above the orb and position yourself properly to perform a drop kick to destroy the orb which should complete the mission.

Paul posted multiple videos of him testing the glitch (I've also tested the glitch & it works for me too) Watch the 3rd video to see the strat

Finally, here is a video of me doing strats for Elektra's 4th & 5th missions for the All Character Missions category. These are strats that I came up with years ago but since I never did a run in this category I never showed them

Paul, StarFalco and I all discussed these new strats in the discord but for anyone else thinking of doing runs, these are strats that you should know about and learn before doing any runs

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New York City, NY, USA

Here is a refined strategy for Return Home that is very consistent.

super jump (the higher up, the better for dodging barrels but sometimes u get hit anyway) -> fly -> skip the marauder cutscene -> fly forward and fire 2 flying shots at the turlin -> follow up with 2 flying attacks (NOTE: flying attacks will do more or less damage based on height / grazing the armor/orb. Flying from ground will do light damage while flying from high will do heavy damage. I find it's best to do 2 light's to clear the armor) -> Super jump -> fly high a bit -> dropkick

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New York City, NY, USA

I apologize how many drafts this strategy has been through. This is what we know to be the fastest Return Home strat now. It's consistent.

3 standing projectiles at spawn -> 1 flying projectile -> fly up above the orb -> dropkick

If you accidentally walk forward at the spawn you can use the above strategy I came up with earlier today as a backup and you shouldn't lose much time.

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