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3 years ago
Kilkenny, Ireland

Hey, I was thinking that a level leaderboard would be beneficial for this game. This leaderboard would include every mission in the game.

I think this would make the game a lot of accessible for speedrunning for those who don't want to run the entire game. Ideally, the timer would start after the loading screen or when you gain control of your character, in order to account for differences between loading times. The timer would stop on the Victory screen

These are all the missions in the game. The leaderboard would be split up into categories for each character mission set. Their would also be a category for the Sacrifice missions (missions where you defeat a marvel character as an Imperfect character)


  • The Invasion
  • It's On Now!
  • Catch This!
  • Clobber em all!
  • Broken Things


  • Street Fight
  • House Party
  • Femme Fatale
  • Claws of Fury
  • To Defy A Goddess


  • Death From Afar
  • Top of the World
  • Daredevil!
  • Silent Death
  • Assassin's Blades


  • Redemption
  • Scorched Earth
  • Electric Man
  • Take Them Down
  • Lovers' Quarrel


  • Return Home
  • House Call
  • Earthquake
  • Fight to Survive
  • Wrath of the Elements


  • Spiderman!
  • Airlift
  • Deadly Venom
  • Warped Evil
  • Fragile Life


  • The Pit
  • Seek and Devour
  • Fatal Heat
  • Wanton Destruction
  • Rise and Fall

Human Torch

  • Field Trip to Hell
  • Torchbearer
  • Old Friends
  • Cleansing Flame
  • Blazing Speed

Iron Man

  • Scuttle
  • Call of Heroes
  • The Eternal Soldier
  • Hot Iron
  • All or Nothing


  • Master of Magnetism
  • Death Incarnate
  • Poisoned Steel


  • Beta Test
  • Mayas Dilemma
  • Duel of Masters
  • Paragon's Revenge
  • Meet Your Maker

Sacrifice Missions

  • Last Stand (Fault Zone vs Thing)
  • Casualties of War (Brigade vs Wolverine)
  • Deadlier Than Males (Wink vs Elektra)
  • Death By Fire (Solara vs Daredevil)
  • Rage of the Beast (Altered Wolverine vs Storm)
  • High Voltage (Johnny Ohm vs Spiderman)
  • Lethal Toxin (Hazmat vs Venom)
  • Along Came A Spider (Altered Spiderman vs Human Torch)
  • Clash of Steel (Niles Van Roekel vs Iron Man)

What do you guys think?

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Colorado, USA

Aren't missions non-replayable? Seems like it would be hard to get times for many of these without a lot of practice files.

Kilkenny, Ireland

You can start the game over from a completed file and then play until you get to whatever mission(s) you want to play. But yeah, you'd ideally want to have your save file right before the mission.

You can have 4 different save files in the game. The mission select screen allows you to practice 4 missions from one save file. Most of the missions are short, especially with some of the speedrun strats we have. I have my save files at 4 different points in the game. To get to any mission I'd want to practice, it wouldn't take me any more than 15 minutes of gameplay and I would make a new save file right before the mission I'd want to run.

Colorado, USA

Considering how short the any% run can be I'm uncertain the demand a level board would have, especially given it's not easy to grind out attempts back to back.

Kilkenny, Ireland

Well I've been playing the game quite a lot recently but I haven't felt like doing complete Any% runs. I've been playing a lot of the missions though just for fun, but trying to do them quickly and using the speedrun strats. And I think a level leaderboard would make the game a lot more accessible for new runners

I get that there won't be much demand for a level board at first because there aren't many runners for the game but I think it might help get some more runners get into the game. The missions are mostly very short ranging from seconds to a small number of minutes (with a couple exceptions which are quite long) so I think there could be good competition for many missions in trying to get the lowest possible times.

Also, it's worth noting that you can quit out of a mission after the Victory screen appears so you don't have to reload the save file after each completed attempt at a mission.

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Colorado, USA

That last bit you said helps a lot. I'm really surprised f1 hasn't already done this. It seems like a pretty obvious decision to make. He's well known to be extremely reckless when moderating leader boards, so I guess it's no surprise. I guess I feel like there shouldn't be an excuse since he's been mismanaging these things for what seems to be going on 5 years now. If it doesn't get implemented by the end of the day I'm definitely getting in touch with some admin about this. Thanks for the suggestion.

Kilkenny, Ireland

I wouldn't be too hard on f1. Idk about his moderation of other games but he's the only moderator of the game and there hasn't been that much demand for changes for this game. But yeah, I want to make changes to this game so more people might want to speedrun and/or join the community cause I think this is an underrated game and a fun game to run. It's a game that not many people know a lot about

Also thanks for your input

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Kilkenny, Ireland

Oh, I should note that for boss fight missions where you ring out your opponent, you can't quit out of the mission once you ring out your opponent so you would have to reload your save for these missions after each completion

All recklessness aside, thank you for the suggestion. I hope this comes across as part of a discussion and not a rebuttal:

This game is not quite ideal for an individual level leaderboard (no level selection from main screen, no IL IGT timer) so I am curious how it would end up working out over time. I am guessing people would just highlight parts of their full-game run to showcase a decent IL they had. And I am going to have to disagree with you about the idea of it an individual level leaderboard enticing new runners to play since you cannot even access the missions from a new file.

I am not opposed to your suggestion per se, but it just seems absurd to add 62 individual levels to a leaderboard whose levels cannot be accessed from either new game OR a completed game.

In the meantime, feel free to host a separate IL leaderboard for prospect IL runners. Speedrun times can be easily migrated over in the future if there is enough demand.

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Kilkenny, Ireland

If you have 4 save points at 4 different parts of the game and you have 4 missions to choose from for each save file, then that's 16 missions you have available to you. Then there's another potential 16 missions you can access just by completing 1 mission. That's 32 missions that you can easily get to either by loading a save or by loading a save and completing 1 mission. It's not that hard to get to any point in the game if you have 4 saves at different points in the game. It would be better if you could just choose any mission to replay after completing the game but it doesn't take that much effort to get to a specific mission if you have the 4 saved files.

I get having concerns about the idea but I don't think any of the currently active members of the community are against having a level leaderboard; myself and Jumpyluff seem fine with the idea. I don't think Weapon Lord or StarFalco64 would have a problem with a level leaderboard, in fact maybe they'd submit some runs for some of the missions

The missions are generally very short for this game and a lot of speed games are well known for having short missions where people try to get the times as low as possible and a lot of runners like short runs like these. I think this game would benefit from a level leaderboard

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Colorado, USA

I have done full-game runs of other games and would be entirely uninterested in submitting to an IL board similar to this. I don't think having a run on the board necessarily means that an IL board is wanted.

Kilkenny, Ireland

I just think there's a lot of runners who like running short categories or single levels/missions. But I think the IL leaderboard would also be helpful for people practicing for Any% or the All Character Missions categories. It's handy to see the fastest each mission has been done and how it was performed and I think an IL leaderboard would be good for that.

Maybe it's unneccessary but I think it could be good for the community and I don't really see any downside. It's not going to clutter the leaderboard since it's its own leaderboard. I honestly think this game and the runners would benefit from it but idk, maybe it's just me

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Kilkenny, Ireland

@f1 @Jumpyluff Do you guys think a level leaderboard for each Character section rather than each mission might be better? Like, rather than each individual mission having its own category, there would be a single category for Thing (finishing all 5 of his missions as fast as possible; or the first 3 of his missions as you would in Any%) and every other character

So rather than 62 individual leaderboards, there would be 11 (all 10 marvel characters + Paragon)?

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If an IL leaderboard were to be implemented, something like that is much more likely than individual missions.

Kilkenny, Ireland

Ok well in that case, the 11 categories would be

  • Thing - Complete the first 3 Thing missions
  • Wolverine - Complete the first 3 Wolverine missions
  • Elektra - Complete the first 3 Elektra missions
  • Daredevil - Complete the first 3 Daredevil missions
  • Storm - Complete the first 3 Storm missions
  • Venom - Complete the first 3 Venom missions
  • Spider-man - Complete the first 3 Spider-man missions
  • Human Torch - Complete the first 3 Human Torch missions
  • Iron Man - Complete the first 3 Iron Man missions
  • Magneto - Complete all 3 Magneto missions
  • Paragon - Complete the last 3 Paragon missions

Completing all 5 missions wouldn't be ideal because there's a sacrifice mission after the first 3 missions for most characters

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