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4 years ago
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So a few days ago I tested some things out with all the different characters including the amount of time characters have rage, the amount of time characters can super block with a full super meter and how long characters can sprint, fly, teleport, swing or wall climb. This could be helpful for speedrunners but also for just playing the game casually

RAGE TIME (To the nearest half second) 23 seconds - Thing 22.5 seconds - Wolverine, Fault Zone 22 seconds - Elektra 21.5 seconds - Wink, Daredevil 17.5 seconds - Venom 17 seconds - Storm, Magneto 16.5 seconds - Spider-Man 16 seconds - Johnny Ohm 12.5 seconds - Solara, Brigade, Hazmat 12 seconds - Human Torch 11.5 seconds - Paragon, Niles Van Roekel 11 seconds - Iron Man

SUPER BLOCK TIME 6s - Wolverine, Wink, Elektra, Daredevil 4.3s - The Thing, Spider-Man, Solara 3.6s - Johnny Ohm, Storm, Fault Zone, Venom, Human Torch, Magneto, Hazmat, Paragon 2.9s - Brigade, Niles Van Roekel 2.7s - Iron Man

It appears lower tier characters with no projectiles, lower strength and/or less mobility have longer rages and can use the super block for longer as compensation.

Here is how long each character can sprint/teleport/fly/swing/wall climb with a full super meter

SPRINT TIME (Incl. wall running) Thing - 12s Wolverine - 28s Elektra - 28s Daredevil - 28s Fault Zone - 28s Brigade - 28s Hazmat - 28s

TELEPORT TIME Wink - 19s Paragon - 48s

  • Both characters can use their dodge alternatively to teleport without using any of their super meter

FLYING TIME All flying characters can hover for 1 minute 7 seconds with a full super meter. Ascending quickly can deplete your super in just 7 seconds.

WALL CLIMBING All wall climbing characters can wall climb for 1:35

SWINGING TIME Daredevil - 0:44 Hazmat - 0:48 Spider-Man - 1:20 (Venom can only swing for a few seconds at a time because he loses height with each swing. Spider-Man also loses some height but slower)

It takes 5 minutes 30 seconds for Wolverine to regenerate his entire health bar. Wolverine's regeneration pauses whenever his claws are out. So basically if you're doing any super moves or holding down the right trigger, his healing will stop

I've also been thinking of doing tutorials on a bunch of characters outlining their move sets, the various pros and cons of each character, and how I'd recommend playing as them

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Kilkenny, Ireland

So for Magneto, I've discovered a new pretty broken mechanic for Magneto. When you play against Magneto, the AI also uses this mechanic against you. After super grabbing items from a far distance, you can press the attack button to throw them before they reach you, allowing you to do severe damage to opponents quickly. This is useful in not just versus but also in Magneto's missions (Master of Magnetism and Death Incarnate).

It could also help with the fast kill strat in Poisoned Steel if you opt for that strat over the ring out manipulation strat

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I've never noticed this. Very interesting!

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Kilkenny, Ireland

Should try it for yourself if you haven't already. It makes Magneto a much better character to play as

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