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4 years ago

@f1 I have 2 Versus runs waiting to be uploaded, but I like to clock my videos after recording and then upload.

I wish that you consider changing the time rules for time starts in CLASH instead of level select, just to eliminate our worries about loads. What you think?

Also I wish to ask you to remove X2ndhandsarcasm run from the board since he doesn't have any profile on anymore.

I wait for your answer. Cheers!

Changing the timing for Versus can definitely be made if load times vary from different consoles/regions. If there is a difference in runs being submitted, I will make the change to the rules and retime the runs. However, there is a grand total of zero runs in the Versus categories, making your concern a bit irrelevant.

As for X2ndhandsarcasm's run: no. The run will stay. The user being inactive on SRcom does not negate the authenticity of the speedrun.

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WeaponLord, you won't have an account on this site either if you keep this up. It's incredibly annoying seeing how often you make pointless demands for this game. Just chill out and play instead. Be thankful for the active moderator. Both runs that you submitted to Any% were verified quickly: 2h10m and 8h respectively. If your concern was about X2ndhandsarcasm's video being unavailable, your obsolete speedrun video is also unavailable. If a run has a video that is no longer available, chances are it was available and verified at some point in the past. f1 has been nothing but accommodating for you and the other runners over the past few weeks. Chill the hell out.

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Yeah I don't really get why you're waiting to submit the runs when the versus categories are currently empty, especially when you're probably going to beat these PBs within the next couple months. If you want the rule to be changed, then verify whether the loading times actually vary between game versions or consoles. Until then, it's fine as is.

And I don't see a problem with X2ndhandsarcasm's video either. As @Jumpyluff said, it was verified at some point, and I've seen unavailable runs in other leaderboards

Btw, I might try to do a run or two when I get back home during the weekend. I don't really have any recording equipment besides my phone but I think getting an Any% run out there will help

Btw Jumpy, Weapon didn't submit either of those runs (2h10 or 8h).

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@f1 and @Jumpyluff

There is zero runs in versus categories because I haven't uploaded them to youtube yet. Although I have them on my pc

I haven't uploaded them to youtube yet because - As I tried to explain, and it was not a "Demand" - I like to "In-video-time" all my runs whenever is possible. And you can check even my twisted metal runs that I recorded them directly from my ps2 normally and edit them after, just to keep nice and beautiful videos with a proper time and splits on it, to be more fit in

I've been trying to explain it. You can check in my comments that I posted this request/suggestion. waited for 1 or couple days for @f1 to answer, watched if he had been online, I saw he had and not answered, so I asked again.

I took all the care to explain exactly what was it about. And you can check, it was because I can't upload them to youtube without a in video timer. Because it's better having a time in video than not

It was a request and a suggestion. Never a "Demand". I'm not in postition to demand anything and that's not my style.


Calm down, man. About the run from X2ndhandsarcasm again, it was not a concern, only a suggestion. Why would you keep thinking that anything I ask here it's a demand or a criticism or a concern? Maybe it's the way I type? Maybe that's the case, seriously, as I don't communicate very kindful in english sometimes as it's not my first language, but it's not intentional.

So the game has just 1 mod (something there's not a real reason for actually) that doesn't really run the game

(Again, that's not a problem and yeah, he has took our suggestions for a new category very kindly, and I always said thanks for everything, you can check in my posts) I simply suggested a change that I explained the best I could (I see now that you both didn't understand what it was about, the timer I can only put before submmiting)

If the mod prefers to be time starting after loading, great, if he prefers to start before loading, good too. I just needed to know because there's no way to time the video properly after uploading. And I needed to know before editing.

There is only one mod available. As days have passed and he didn't answer I create a thread because maybe he hasn't seen it

To threat to kick me out of the website because of this... Is totally unecessary. Maybe you need to chill out, man. Sorry being sincere

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I will time my versus videos as the rules are. I don't think there are concernful differences in loads from gamecube to ps2.

@MysticManiac I'm having an issue on my internet. My upload speed is 0 lol. Althought the download is normal. which means I'm unable to upload videos to youtube... I'm trying to solve this ussue with my internet provider, But it should get back to normal soon

It's great you might be able to play it this weekend. I'm looking forward to watch your runs. Try having some versus too if you have the chance. I have a PB recorded on ring out and no ring out 8-)

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I would only like to clarify that I have no authority to "kick you off the site" and that's not what I threatened either. I do however see users with a black/grey name that say "Banned" when my cursor is over them. The reasons for the ban are usually kept confidential, but there have been cases where I've seen that username constantly stirring up issues in forums. I don't know how you usually come across in other communities, but as I've seen in this game's forum so far, you are pretty rude and I am sorry to say that. I don't dislike you as a person or anything, but it may be best to just slow down sometimes.

Don't edit out loads from your videos if that's what you were about to do. If you upload a full unedited video of what the current rules ask for, you can always retime your runs later if loadless is the method that is decided on down the road.

@MysticManiac 2h10m and 8h were the wait times between submission and verification for both of his full-game speedruns. I was only pointing out that the one moderator this game has is active and he does know the game well enough. For a community this small, I'd take his word on it if he said he doesn't need help modding the page.

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@Jumpyluff What i meant by "editing", is before even uploadig to youtube I like to prepare the video from my run by simply adding a timer on the screen (since it's impossible for me to do that while I record from Ps2), so I do after recording whenever is a small run, it takes just minutes. It's not against any rules (as far as I know) or neither required in the rules. It's just something I like to do. You will see when I upload.

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Here are my runs time starting on "choose stage"

Versus 9 Lives hard

Versus 9 lives hard NO RING OUT

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I've already submitted them. The strange thing is I can't see them in my pending actions, like I see the story run (I supose it's because it's miscellaneous?).

I hope they were submitted ok. If there's any problem tell me ^^

Kilkenny, Ireland

Yeah the Ring out category is exactly how I imagined it. Just repetitive, baiting the AI into the pit. A bad category. The No ring out one is much better because it actually requires some skill in going fast.

As for which character you should choose to be, or to be against I'm unsure. While Niles Van Roekel is good and Brigade is also good (who you used in your previous Versus run), I think Iron Man or Paragon might be best to use. Iron Man's lock on flying projectiles and spamming his jump projectile can be really damaging

Also, Wolverine might not necessarily be the best choice for you to be against. Yes, he has no ranged attacks but his health does heal slowly over time (not that noticeable but could result in time being lost) and he seems to super block more than anyone else. Maybe The Wink would be better to be against. She's not durable at all. I think her teleporting would make it harder and she does have some mid-long range attacks but she should be killable very fast and she has no projectiles

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I just did a run for the 9 Lives category (Ring outs allowed). Even though I think it's a bad category, it's short and easy

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@f1 Hey, I have a new PB for 9 Lives category which would be WR if the load times were removed because Jaypin's new WR has faster load times than mine. I think it's a good idea to revisit the idea @WeaponLord had to start time on CLASH rather than starting on level selection in order to remove load times. Or just start time as soon as loading stops

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I'm just here to say lmaooooooo WeaponLord ya can't get me removed now 😎

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