This time is not supposed to count
7 years ago

G37NEO uses dolphin for all his runs which can easily be identified due to the high resolution he uploads with. (The Wii is not able of providing such a quality)

Furthermore, he already admitted to it several times. Dolphin runs are really easy to manipulate since you can use savestates really easily, hence why none of his speedruns should count on this website.

Link to his profile:

Have a nice day.

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To be honest ma boiiii, i have not used the Dolphin for this run.

If you would have done a good research, you would know that if you use the famous Save Stats, the Minimap would have been disappeared.

So as you can see the Mini Map in my run does NOT disappear.

If anyone wants to see a Video about, i can make one, no problem.

Everything Clear ?

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how do you make it look so good then

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

With this:

and Adobe Premiere Pro.

And yes i've also played sometimes on Dolphin, for sure, but only Wi-Fi and Clanwars.

But here it is banned, so why should i have played it ?

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Okay, I can kinda see why people would think you use dolphin. Personally, I see it in the load times, not so much in the quality. Your times will not be deleted, but we still be studying some runs

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Thanks for you time.

The minimap does NOT disappear when you savestate. And no matter if the run is legit or not, it can't be counted because it is dolphin. The render distance is not like that on a regular wii which is 100% proof of this being a dolphin run.

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He uses a Wii U, I'm not trying to support anyone here, I'm just trying to refute anything that doesn't make sense.

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Hey Jeff,

do you really want me to upload a video where it clearly shows that the minimap will be disappeared when you're using save stats, really ?

Your lack of knowledge disturbs me.

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Here's the Video

United States

Neo is lying and did not play on Wii U. Please refer to this screenshot from Neo's video:

As you can see, there is no Mii next to his name. This can only be done when playing on Dolphin. Furthermore, it has already been established that the load times in his run are faster than that of disc users. This is only possible when playing on Dolphin or ISO. Playing on a Wii U will not decrease the loading time in between races, please refer here: I'm playing on a Wii U in this comparison. Loading times can save up to two minutes compared to a disc user across all 32 tracks.

More visual proof of his usage of Dolphin can be seen in subtle graphic changes on most tracks. An easy way to determine whether a player is using Dolphin or not can be observed on Toad's Factory. For a Dolphin user, the conveyor belts will not glow, whereas they do on the Wii. See here:

He also used Dolphin in his 32 track w/ Skips run:

Also, as seen in the above post, Neo has access to Dolphin. Most players in the MKW community don't. He's admitted to playing on Dolphin on Wi-Fi. His time should be removed for the loading time in between races alone, although more than enough proof has been presented to show that Neo is lying and used Dolphin. This time must be removed.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Neo's run is cheated, as he has been caught hacking on Wi-Fi in the past and is blatantly lying about using Dolphin here.

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Hello, thought I would reply to add some insight. I watched through the entirety of NEO's 1:14:59, and I believe he heavily manipulated RNG. When it comes to running this game, blues and shocks are really crucial items and come at a rate of roughly 1 of each per race, meaning by the end of the run you should've been blued 32 times, and shocked 32 times. In NEO's run, he was blued 4 times and shocked 0 times. The chances of this happening without RNG manipulation is impossible, both shocks and blues are extremely common in this game. You can try this for yourself against CPUs, see how many attempts it takes you to get even a mere 2 races in a row without a blue or shock.

Also, to support the argument about graphic changes on dolphin, Coconut Mall's escalators appear more glossy from a distance and become dark as you get closer, whereas on the Wii they aren't glossy at all and stay the same colour as you approach.

All in all, I think it's really sad that NEO is trying to take advantage of those who don't know enough about Mario Kart Wii to tell the difference. All signs point to this run being on an emulator, and being cheated in one way or another. My suggestion is you just ban this guy entirely from the website, he's not to be trusted.

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We have a cheater? Damn.......but on another note, can you guys can you answer me this. I managed to get a time of 8 minutes and 22 seconds on the Mushroom Cup shroomless aka with no items on on VS mode. Does that count as a time or not? Considering I can just redo the time later today (it's 1:57 AM here) and record it does that make it count and if possible, I am I alowed to do the glitch on Mushroom Gorge a certain amount of times (only if I do VS mode with items) or only once? Thank you for your answers, I'm just trying to see if I'm following the rules. If you instead want to see me live, I can show you on Skype so you can trust my claims or I can send you a video of it. virthericeball

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I can only agree with Tyler and rcs.

Hopefully the administrators will do the right thing and completely ban Neo from sending in any speedruns after this incident.

Thanks for the replies.

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To put in my own two cents on the matter. As far as I know, I've never seen someone play without a Mii on a console, except on Dolphin. That pretty much is the biggest proof. Also, about the graphic differences between console and dolphin, the conveyer beld arrow texture is a lot more transparent on Dolphin compared to console. That has been known for years now. The gifs on rcs his post show it clearly.

About the graphic difference on CM about the escalator on Tyler his post, I'm not going to say anything about that one since that's the first time I heard about that. :p

Seeing how quite a few well known top players from the community that play for years now are saying these things, this run definitely needs a re-review by the admins. Though, personally, I think the no Mii thing is the biggest proof of emulation usage. (Unless ofcourse I'm missing some secret way to get rid of your Mii and even the guest Mii. If that exists, please show me! :) )

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Alright I've finally gotten around to this. With some evidence and research provided by you guys all his runs will be removed.