Petition to add AGEdude as a Mod
4 years ago
United States

Title is pretty self-explanatory. I think AGEdude would make a great mod. He's passionate about the RTA scene for this game, and is very active in the community as well.

On more of a side note: Should Sefaro and MarbleBlaster remain mods for this game? Sefaro hasn't been online on this site for 3 months, and MarbleBlaster has been inactive on here for 8 months. Neither one of them has remained active in the game's community for many months either.

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It will be cool to see TAS runs in separate category maybe add it as separate platform like (PC-TAS, Switch-TAS)

Small offtop: do you try Marble Marcher? its similar to Marble It Up! and its free

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Arizona, USA

Agedude as mod is needed. then he can approve and submit all TAS runs once completed.