Superball 2023 Announcement
Superball 2023 Announcement
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We are excited to announce the Marble It Up! 2023 Superball Season!

The speedrun event of the year, Superball 2023, will be held on Saturday, February 11th. But that's not all! Starting from Nov. 5th, our community has been hosting frequent smaller events such as casual races and tournaments to have fun and get people playing the game. If anyone is interested in helping to organize and run these events, please contact the Planning Committee.

This year, qualification for the Super Ball tournament will be based on seasonal performance. That means, starting Nov. 5 until Feb 10, all participants will need to complete a qualifying speedrun with video proof, under 1 hour. A Personal Best from before Nov 5 2022 will not be sufficient to qualify.

Likewise, seeding for this year's tournament will be based on your Season's Best speedrun. While the exact format is TBA, there will be multiple divisions based on the number of players entered, with a maximum of 9 players per race. It is highly encouraged to improve your Season's Best over the course of the season in order to qualify for the highest division you can reach.

To prevent some players being placed in divisions too far below their own skill level, there will be a hard cap of PB+5 minutes as any player's qualifying time for seeding purposes. For example, a player with a 44:07 PB will be seeded as 49:07 if their Season's Best is not below 49:07. Either way, a sub-hour qualifying run is still required between Nov. 5 and Feb. 10.

One final announcement: we are also looking for creative community members who would like to help with event prizes and related projects. Please contact the Planning Committee.

Please look forward to more announcements in the coming weeks. We hope this will be the best Superball yet!

Join the Superball Discord server for more info and to contact the Planning Committee: