Pause timer during level transitions and load times
5 years ago
United States

I haven't uploaded my actual run because I didn't feel any of them were good enough. I made a spreadsheet of my runs to see where I could improve and something looked a bit off of my section times versus my run time. A lot of the times when im transitioning between levels my game freezes or all out crashes, turns out that takes up about a minute and 9 seconds of my 3 minute 25 second run

United States (this is what happens when it doesn't freeze or crash, it usually disappears by the time I start, but every once in a while its a real pain and stays)

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Michigan, USA

Running RTA right now is a little janky unfortunately due to the random crashes. Also, when you spam A after finishing a level (so you can start the next level ASAP and skip the beginning cutscene) the game will sometimes skip levels or crash. The MIU developers are currently working on a bugfix patch which will hopefully address all of these issues and make the RTA speedrunning experience much better.

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