No (major) skips category
5 years ago
Maryland, USA

What counts as a major skip?

Maryland, USA

What about levels like archiarcy though, it seems hard to classify all the varying sizes of skips

Michigan, USA

This just sounds really stupid and arbitrary. If you don't want to do the skips in the run just don't do them @THY Also arguing what is a skip can be extremely subjective, and some developers made the skips pretty intended. Is that a bad thing? I for one like that one skip where you use the powerup to fly across the stage to the goal, that's really cool and makes the stage fun. Others are obviously less fun, but overall the community doesn't need this and probably wouldn't be popular anyway.


like hydrus said, its actually impossible to define what a major skip is. Imagine : you could find an easier way to do it, that saves less time, but is very close to the original skip. Where do you define the limit? how do you verify it in runs?

United Kingdom

Ngl and even though i haven't posted any runs of MIU i do how ever have experience with Super monkey ball (another ball rolling game) In games such as this (Ball / Marble rollers) A "No Major Skips" Category would just be a bit stupid, In all 3 Super monkey ball games (SMB1, SMB2, and SMBDX) non of them have a "No major skips" Category because there are so many ways for a ball / marble roller to complete a level, and like ike said it comes down to how big does the skip have to be in-order for it to count as "Major". I only see "No major skip" categories a thing in game where you are given restrictions such as "No Oob" going out of bounds at the start of a level and then going to the end in a second rather then 5 mins is a major skip. With MIU you are given so much freedom to complete a level how ever the runner wants so it just wouldn't make sense making a N.M.S.C. for this game imo. Like said previously if you want to do N.M.S. in your own runs then thats down to you but having a whole category for it just seems silly. Plus i do not see many people running it anyway so kinda a waste of leader-board space :/

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