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allmobs% or allhostilemobs%

I just had the idea for a category to find and kill at least one of each mob in the game. Then I remembered mooshrooms exist, so I thought maybe it could be just hostile mobs and not passive ones. I don't know if bosses count as mobs or if they should count in a run of this. Also, obviously don't count unused mobs such as giants.

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South Carolina, USA

Good idea

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So the timer stops when you get the "Monsters Hunted" advancement?

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that's an advancement? if so yeah.

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Florida, USA

in 1.13+ all times will be at least an hour because phantoms cannot spawn any earlier

California, USA

this sounds fun i'd love to run it! are we going to be including all the bosses? also, random or set seed?

edit: found this link on reddit of all the mobs needed to get the monsters hunted advancement as of 1.14 i believe

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if bosses count towards the monsters hunted achievement then yeah.

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@Saori maybe a sub category with bosses because it would be significantly longer with getting three wither skulls and finding guardians

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Alaska, USA

If this is a category then I have a 9 or 8 second set run of mob hunter achievement

Alaska, USA

If this is a category then I have a 9 or 8 second set run of mob hunter achievement

United Kingdom

what part of ALL MOBS do you not understand

@itsryan212 damn can u dm me a video of that

@itsryan212 huh? dm me on discord link on my profile i wanna see that

Florida, USA

This should be a thing except no phantoms because phantoms would literally force every run to be at least an hour with the most favorable RNG and literally runs could be killed just by bad phantom RNG

Plus in ssg/ss runs youd probably be afking for at least like 20 minutes

so basically no phantoms in 1.13+

Alaska, USA

or just pre 1.9 lol

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