Should i upgrade my gpu or cpu for startup lag.
3 years ago
Bristol, England

So I use a mix of sodium, lithium and phosphorus. And I don't usually lag at all, except when my world is starting up, my game literally freezes.

It's weird because my game is completely smooth once chunks have loaded in, but at the start, it's hell. Also when 1.16 is running, my pc becomes super loud. Like it literally sounds like a car.

Should I upgrade my GPU, or CPU for black friday.

GPU: GTX 1050 CPU: Intel core i5

Thanks <3


If you had to probably the CPU

I'm a set seed runner, and whenever I get into my Strongholds on 1.16 I will bug out and glitch in place due to chunks being unloaded. I often fix this issue by simply pausing and un-pausing the game. Try this out in your runs and it should help you.


FYI: a GPU only affects the visual graphics and not the actual computer performance.

First of all, i5 is too generic since it is a brand series and not a specific model. Just wondering is it your PC that is 'roaring' or ur fans that are roaring bc that makes a major difference. Also, Yoopicul said it, but you should most likely be upgrading your cpu, but make sure that your cooling system is able to handle the upgrade as well bc not sure if your computer may be overheating?

United Kingdom

do what I do, cover your pc like there's a grenade underneath and you don't want the bomb to go off and kill you.

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