new category idea: set seed but you can't use a seed someone else has used
3 years ago

so basically it's set seed but if the seed has been used before (i.e. in the category or in set seed) then you can't use it

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3 years ago

sounds dumb lol

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its rsg but with practice

Ohio, USA

Set seed but the one who used the best seed always has an advantage :)

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thats why you do research

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SSG but the guy who uses the current seed gets a permanent WR, nice :)


I wanna write this before, yeah this sounds interesting, but the fact that all seed for 12 eyes had been found, all of those runs will be 12 Eyed...


I think 0 eye SSG could be cool, I've been running the 1.16.1 RSG WR seed my best so far is 7:48, defiantly better seed out there but idk how to seed find.

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That’s just RSG practice my guy. This is never becoming a new category.

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