get at least one of every variation of death (ie {person} experienced kinetic energy, {person} experienced kinetic energy whilst trying to escape {mob})

that would be boring and tedious. also technically you get a different one each time any player kills you, so in that sense it would be impossible since you would need every conceivable minecraft account on a server to kill you and even then you wouldnt be able to get a message saying you killed yourself and any swear words in names couldnt even exist so i mean :/

i meant generally, not meaning specifics in names.

well still you'd have to find a spider, a cave spider, skeleton, creeper, zombie, enderman, etc. and then would have to get that mob to kill you in like 20 different ways. you'd also have to get it to hit you into the void which means you need to get it in the end. it's still all technically possible but I would hate myself if I even attempted that

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this will definitely take more time than all advancements, although if you want it added so much do one run and post it in this thread, I'm 98% sure you won't succeed/do it all in one run.

saying this I know there are definitely active players since 2009 who haven't gotten this individually like getting hit by a shulker box and then dying in lava or something.

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it just seems convoluted and you'd have to make a whole spreadsheet to keep track of which mobs you have to die to in every way. plus idk if the ender dragon counts

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There's probably more than 500+ ways to die in Minecraft. Alldeaths% would take so long that it would make "All Versions (Hardcore)" look like child's play. I would think just get killed by all the mobs, then fall to death, drown, suffocate, and burn (both lava and fire) would be more sufficient and would only take about "an hour or less."

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TBH killing at least one of each mob would make a more fun speedrun. There are mobs I forgot even existed until going through this thread, and then you'd have to get them to kill you with fire, lava, water, void, etc. I like the concept of it but dying in every possible way wouldn't be fun.

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Might I just list all of the enemies who had to kill you:

Zombie Skeleton Creeper Charged Creeper Spider Cave Spider Guardian Elder Guardian Ghast Blaze Wither Skeleton Enderman Hoglin Piglin Zombified Piglin Ravager Pillager Vindicator Vex Evoker Illusioner (commands only) Witch Drowned Husk Magma Cube Piglin Brute Shulker Silverfish Endermite Slime Stray Zoglin Zombie Villager Phantom Bee Pufferfish Iron Golem Wolf Panda Polar Bear Dolphin Squished to death by chickens

That's 42 things that need to kill you in some way (counting squished)

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Then you need to:

Fall into the void Fall damage to death Swim in lava Drown Set yourself and fire and die Pricked to death by cactus Elytra kinetic energy death TNT!

And if you are playing in 1.7 you have to encounter the extremely rare Killer Bunny and allow it to kill you!

To get a ghast to make you drown you'd have to make a huge ass portal lmao

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