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4 years ago

Why is there no End% Category?

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Basque Country

@minisbett to start, pls propose it in the "category extensions" of the game pls, and this with all, because always all the people propose in the main categories I dont know why ._. In fine, go here and write here:

To continue: Lol is not bad idea! Well, when I look it, it was like "because is basicaly Any% but without the final part of kill the Ender-Dragon" But, for that, you have to prepare like a lot to go; So the idea is better tan it sound, basicaly is so like the "Nether%" to enter to the nether as fast as posible

And that it looks like if only you enter at instantly as fast as you can, is not like that, but nope, because you have to get the ender-eyes, going to the nether and with all the process, because, with the 1 into 10 of posibility of one of it appear with an eye, to appear intantly with all the eyes have a change of 1 into 1000000000000 lmao XD, so yeah

Probably, a better category for random seed lmao

Espírito Santo, Brazil

actually,there already are seeds with the full end portal,set seed would be boring so random seed may be better to watch

He/Him, She/Her
4 years ago

Full end portal is a softlock, the portal won't be opened.

Basque Country

@DeidaraC1_ yeah, that I was thinking me, probably better

Basque Country

@AgarOther would be not actívate? Mmmm… So maybe is better, because yes or yes you have o enter to the nether and get the fire and the Pearl and all to can enter, inclusive in set seed

Portland, OR, USA

Full end portals activate on 1.9+, but that doesn't matter because strongholds are really far in those versions

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Basque Country

So, in 1.8 , is needed to go to the nether, no? Okey

Portland, OR, USA

I think you can still trade for ender eyes in 1.8

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