speedrunning with looting strats
3 years ago

why is speedrunning with looting strats done on 1.15?

United States

because it has bug fixes from so it's better than 1.14 and not 1.16 because fortresses are rare

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South Carolina, USA

Most recent version with the exception of 1.16. Not 1.16 because fortresses are rare.

the only reason is because he wanted to use toggle sprint


Just a note: you should NOT be resetting for looting books, so therefore play on 1.14 and use regular trading strats and if u find a looting book, play it out. Nonetheless, 1.15 and 1.14 has no difference between using looting strats. It is NOT because there were bug fixes that made it better and looting strats arent exactly viable in 1.16 since trading gold is much faster (requires more rng but wtvr)


1.15 and 1.14 are exactly the same when it comes to looting strats, but 1.15 has toggle sprint and some minor bug fixes.


u forgot about bees bro

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