Dupe didn't work
3 years ago

So I try to dupe in 1.16.1 for any% category. But every dupe i tried, it just didn't work. I try ground dupe, chest dupe, crafting table dupe, all didn't work. (With alt f4 or task manager, i try them all) Also i try OG launcher, TL, and MultiMC, none of them work. Tried on vanilla and fabric(sodium) didn't work. I found that several people also cant dupe just like me. Is it bcoz of hardware or something?

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In 1.16.1, many dupe glitches have been fixed. The Piglin Baby dupe works in 1.16.1 i think


Duping is very inconsistent, especially in 1.16 where I have a lot of troubles with it. Have you made sure your render distance was set at 32 while trying it tho?


@tntfalle i wanna do minechunk (a category extension), so no nether.


@Antoine i tried 25 but not 32. Nice tips btw.


@Antoine ok i tried 32, still didn't work

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If you're doing minechunk RS I'd recommend playing 1.12.2 then, your dupes should be much more consistent as long as you're doing it well (aka not forgetting to save and quit before you drop and force quit)

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Sadly the seed i play for minechunk only work on 1.15+ (i play SS too). But yes, I'll try 1.12.2 coz most of Any% player use that version.

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@Antoine thanks for recommending 1.12.2. It works all the time for Minechunk. Now i wanna do further, Any% RS 1.9+. The thing is 1.12 autosave every 30 seconds. Meanwhile 1.14+ is 5 minutes. Autosave is pretty impotant in Any% RS. Soo is there any good dupe for 1.14+?


@Antoine also i've noticed most of your WR are Glitched category, soo maybe you can help :)

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yeah the most easy duplication glitches are patched in newer versions in my mine a chunk run (not verified yet lol) i play in 1.8 to be able to do the glitch

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